​Ben talks OKRs from the Engagement Game Webinar

Ben Lamorte coaches business leaders to define and make measurable progress on their most important goals. He's coached hundreds of managers at dozens of organizations.

recent Testimonials

"It's been enlightening working with Ben on our OKR framework. He is experienced and brings such to the table helping us learn very quickly. You witness his passion and thirst to perfecting his craft." ​

-Roger Fugett, CIO at CareerBuilder.com 

“Ben is the epitome of an all-star coach. He's incredibly perceptive, a great listener, very socratic in his approach, and laser focused on improving performance. Given how powerful OKRs are to the focus and productivity of an entire organization, I'd say Ben is the most valuable consultant I've ever hired.”
-John Herbold, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, GoNoodle

“I have been working with Ben for about six months to elevate our approach to OKRs at Sears

Holding. Ben is an incredibly valuable resource. He’s been instrumental in coaching key leaders and even more valuable helping us identify common gaps in our approach today and helping us build better resources going forward.”

-Chris Mason, Ph.D. Sr. Director / Head of Strategic Talent Solutions, Sears Holdings Corporation

"Ben provides ongoing support on introducing OKRs at Zalando in a very pragmatic way. He kicked-off Objectives & Key Results as a mindset shift. I highly recommend Ben as an enabler for organizational mindset changes regarding target setting - always a pleasure to cooperate with him!"

-Martin Betzwieser, Head of Finance & Customer Care Zalando Lounge/Outlet

"If you or your company uses OKRs, you need to talk to Ben. Period! I had an incredibly helpful 1:1 coaching session with him recently that resulted in the best OKRs I've ever written."

-Joel Sadler, Solution Designer, Telogical Systems

"Ben's keen ability to ask the right questions across virtually all business functions helped us quickly define 100s of OKRs. We now have a metrics-driven culture."

​-Sid Ghatak, VP Operations, Hobsons

"My old performance management system let everyone define measurable results, but it didn’t tie to
strategy or to a longer-term vision.
 OKRs ensures that key results align with strategy. OKRs.com gave me simplicity."

-Eric Edelstein, COO, Reno Aces

“We are in the early stages of rolling out OKRs as an important part of our performance management solution. Ben’s suggestions and guidance were useful right from the start. In just one hour, Ben helped me create a complete set of OKRs for my team and get me focused on 2 objectives!”
-Lois Bukowski, Director of People and Operations, Liftopia

"Ben worked wonders in just one session. I walked out with a clear and focused set of OKRs"

-Bray Coleman, Marketing Automation, FICO

"If you are new to OKRs, ensure you speak to Ben. He is fantastic. Very rarely do you come across a subject matter expert who is not imposing his views on how things need to be done. Great bouncing board and some very useful suggestions. Thanks so very much Ben!"
​-Gagan Arora, Senior Partner, Adept Media

“Our group enjoyed your webinar – very, very well done. The slide deck you outlined is excellent!  Additionally, your message that finance and operational/management people need to speak the same financial language is spot on.
-Craig Houmand, Strategic Planning and Analysis, Questar

"I normally do not like monthly progress review meetings, but my OKRs meeting with Ben was highly productive. I left the meeting with a clear set of refinements to our marketing programs based on metrics. It was one of the most effective progress review sessions I’ve had in the last 10 years!”

​-Rob Lautt, CEO, A3 Solutions

"Ben and I had a working session to develop OKRs for our department. While our culture is driven by metrics, reviewing OKRs with our team weekly helped develop a culture of accountability and focus.”

​-Anthony Pham, Controller, JMAC Lending