The OKRs Blog... by Ben Lamorte

This blog is a resource for anyone using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) or considering using OKRs to make measurable progress on their most important goals at work. Given my background in software, driver-based planning, and financial modeling, I may add a post related to these topics from time to time as well.

Internal Objectives in OKRs
External vs Internal Objectives

The more I work more with organizations to draft, refine, and reflect on OKRs, the more I find myself recommending…

Facilitiy Team OKRs
OKRs Library – Facilities

I’m on a mission to share real-world examples of OKRs. In my OKRs Library Preview, I shared an exsample from…

User Experience OKRs UX OKRs
OKRs Library – User Experience OKRs

I’m on a mission to share real-world examples of OKRs from a wide range of teams… My first example featured sample OKRs from a…

OKRs Library
OKRs Library Preview

I just got some “constructive feedback” from my last OKRs workshop. Even if you didn’t attend Goal Summit 2017 in…

OKRs in China

I finally went to China. Though I’ve had dozens of conversations with Chinese professionals, this was my first trip to…