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I expect this OKRs library will be a valuable resource for any organization working with OKRs.

Why I created this OKRs library
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) libraries are widely published. However, I’ve not seen a decent set of OKRs indexed by functional department and industry. Reading over examples of real-world OKRs is a great way to ramp up your knowledge on OKRs.

It’s not just me that thinks a library for OKRs is a good idea. When I asked Silicon Valley legend, John Doerr, if he saw value in a searchable database of sample OKRs, he said, “yes!”

The making of an OKRs library
After several years of coaching hundreds of teams all around the world, I estimate that I’ve now reviewed over 10,000 OKRs. I am pleased to share some of my experiences with these OKRs with you in this library. As you browse through the sample OKRs, I invite you to interact with me and other OKR experts with your comments and questions about specific OKRs in the library.

Price: $499, one year of unlimited access.

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Hello, I am looking to peruse the OKR library to better understand what’s there as I learn more about OKRs. Is a link available?

Justin, The OKRS blog itself is the library – You will see entries labeled “OKRs Library” in title 🙂

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