Draft and Align OKRs

With your deployment parameters in place, we know the rules of the road and it’s time for the fun part, developing your OKRs! Ben can ask the right questions to help guide you through the process of setting effective OKRs.

In addition to an executive workshop where Ben faciliates a 2-hour session with your leadership to develop top-level OKRs, Ben offers OKRs coaching series for teams. Team coaching is typically 2-5 sessions. Here’s a typical program:

  • Session 1: Draft OKRs for current quarter
  • Session 2: Refine OKRs for approval (full team may attend)
  • Session 3: Finalize OKRs with supervisor approval
  • Session 4: Check In mid-quarter to review and update progress
  • Session 5: Reflect and Reset OKRs for next quarter

To learn more about getting started with Ben’s remote OKRs coaching programs for teams, please email Ben@OKRs.com