OKR Deployment Parameters

Whether you use OKRs now or are about to launch, it’s critical that your executive team align on your organization’s OKRs process. In just 2-3 coaching sessions, we can document your OKRs deployment parameters and tune them to your organization. Once we clearly define the goals for your OKRs project, we define your OKRs deployment parameters by answering questions like:

  1. Why are we deploying OKRs?
  2. Which teams will set OKRs
  3. How will we score Key Results?
  4. How will OKRs be integrated into performance reviews?
  5. How many OKRs will each team have?
  6. Will we allow milestone key result or must all be metrics?
  7. How will we ensure OKRs are visible? Do we need posters?
  8. Will we set OKRs each quarter or also define annual OKRs?
  9. How will we identify and jointly define x-functional OKRs?
  10. Where will we publish OKRs? Should we purchase dedciated OKR software?

If you’ve already launched OKRs and just want a short strategic review call, request a call with Ben on Clarity.

To request details on Remote OKRs Coaching Programs, please email Ben@OKRs.com