The OKRs Blog... by Ben Lamorte

This blog is a resource for anyone using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) or considering using OKRs to make measurable progress on their most important goals at work. Given my background in software, driver-based planning, and financial modeling, I may add a post related to these topics from time to time as well.

OKRs Library
OKRs Library Preview

I just got some “constructive feedback” from my last OKRs workshop. Even if you didn’t attend Goal Summit 2017 in…

OKRs in China

I finally went to China. Though I’ve had dozens of conversations with Chinese professionals, this was my first trip to…

Company-Level OKRs
Getting Company-Level OKRs Right

Creating overall organizational-level or company-level OKRs is often the very first step for an organization getting going with OKRs. Even before drafting OKRs,…

OKRs Scoring
OKRs Scoring: A Brief History

Your approach to scoring Key Results is one of your most important deployment parameters. My recommended scoring system is the coolest…

Agile and OKRs
Felipe Castro: The Intersection of OKRs and Agile
Felipe Castro and I have discussed OKRs for hours over the phone. In early 2016, we first met in person at my childhoold home in San Anselmo, Califorrnia. Given that Felipe is from Brazil and my parents lived in Brazil back when they were in the Peace Corps, we all got together and shared a good meal and some stories. While I won't share the stories in this post, I'm pleased to share highlights from my recent discussions with Felipe on the intersection of Agile and OKRs.