OKRs Certification

About Dikran Yapoujian, OKRs.com Certified Coach

Dikran (“dee*cron”) is an award-winning corporate executive and advisor with more than 25 years of experience in financial planning and analysis, business strategy, human resources, and operations. During his certification process with OKRs.com, Dikran supported OKRs deployments with organizations of all sizes ranging from a small church to one of the largest banks in the world.

Dikran graduated from the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business, and passed the CPA exam in the state of Connecticut. He is a 6-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and lives with his wife and daughter in Aiken, SC.

About OKRs.com Certification

In 2018, we launched the beta version of an OKRs Coaching Certification Program to meet the increasing demand for OKRs Coaching. This program will be offered formally in 2019 to management consultants looking to incorporate OKRs coaching into their practice with their clients. In addition, we will offer a certification program for internal coaches seeking to support their organization’s OKRs program.

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