Ben's Intro to OKRs from the Engagement Game

If you’re new to OKRs, this is the video for you! Ben explain the basics of OKRs in an interview faciliated by Brett Knowles with Chris Pieper joining in at the end to discuss how gamification and technology are taking OKRs to the next level. This video is part of a series from the 2015 Engagement Game  speaker series.

A client interviews Ben & Paul about OKRs basics

A Fortune 500 company interviewed Ben and Paul right after the release of their OKRs book. This is an example of a video that a large company created to use as a 5-minute intro to OKRs. If you are brand new to OKRs, this video’s for you. If you’re the OKRs project lead at your organization, this video may serve as inspiration for a 5-minute intro to OKRs video that your company can use with you and a colleague filling in for Ben and Paul 🙂

Webinar featuring Ben & Paul answering questions about OKRs

In this Webinar recorded Wed, Apr 19, 2017 thanks to Zorian and his pals at Atiim, you’ll see Ben and Paul provide an overview of OKRs. Be sure to check out the last 20 minutes where we answer questions from the audience on-the-fly!

Holly Engler on OKRs at Sears moderated by Ben & Paul

Hear the story of how OKRs fit into the Performance Enablement Framework at Sears Holdings Corporation. How did they accomplish the remarkable feat of deploying OKRs to roughly 20,000 associates in just 18 months? How did the company develop their own tool for tracking OKRs? Whether you have already deployed OKRs or are considering the model, this webinar gives you insight into what works and doesn’t work in the real world.

Progress Principle with Teresa Amabile

The implication of this research on Small Wins for OKRs is huge. Design your Key Results so it’s possible to make progress every 1-2 weeks where possible. Doing so will make your experience with OKRs way better!

Note: The Progress Principle is also a book, but this video is even better! My clients report this research helps them create effective Key Results.

Simon Sinek Video (Explains why OKRs work)

While Simon is not specifically discussing OKRs, his presentation provides an excellent biological explanation for why OKRs are so effective. Refinforces some of the same concepts from the Progress Principle, but much more engaging!

OKRs Video from Christina Wodtke

Before she wrote Radical Focus, Christina created an engaging OKRs video. If you don’t have 90 minutes to watch Rick Klau’s Google Ventures workshop video on OKRs, spend 21 minutes with Christina. In this short video, Christina shares her toolkit for clarity and commitment through the art of OKR.


John Herbold
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

  Ben is the epitome of an all-star coach. He’s incredibly perceptive, a great listener, very socratic in his approach, and laser focused on improving performance. Given how powerful OKRs are to the focus and productivity of an entire organization, I’d say Ben is the most valuable consultant I’ve ever hired.

Roger Fugett

It’s been enlightening working with Ben on our OKR framework. He is experienced and brings such to the table helping us learn very quickly. You witness his passion and thirst to perfecting his craft.

Roger Corn
VP Corporate Development & Strategy

Ben’s real world experience with many companies helped establish realistic expectations for the program and his one-on-one meetings were very useful for creating OKRs

Rachel Richter
Dun & Bradstreet
Senior Leader, Customer Analytics & Insights

Ben is a forward-thinking and collaborative business partner to Dun and Bradstreet. We regularly engage Ben for advice and guidance for all of our OKRs and priorities for Marketing. He has truly pushed our thinking and helped us establish meaningful and aspirational OKRs. We owe a lot of our success to Ben’s guidance and support.

Brandon Hendrix
VP Marketing

Dikran facilitated an effective and extremely informational OKRs workshop with our leadership team. He was able to quickly educate us on OKRs and was flexible as we applied OKRs questioning throughout the day. Dikran gave us what we needed to take a shot at running through the three steps of an OKRs cycle on our own.

Chris Mason,
Sears Holdings Corporation
Ph.D. Sr. Director / Head of Strategic Talent Solutions

 I have been working with Ben for about six months to elevate our approach to OKRs at Sears Holding. Ben is an incredibly valuable resource. He’s been instrumental in coaching key leaders and even more valuable helping us identify common gaps in our approach today and helping us build better resources going forward.

Martin Betzwieser
Zalando Lounge/Outlet
Head of Finance & Customer Care

  Ben provides ongoing support on introducing OKRs at Zalando in a very pragmatic way. He kicked-off Objectives & Key Results as a mindset shift. I highly recommend Ben as an enabler for organizational mindset changes regarding target setting – always a pleasure to cooperate with him!

Melanie Wessles
Agile Coach

  Ben and I worked together on implementing OKRs at I really enjoyed our collaboration as Ben is very easygoing, helpful and patient… He is always happy to continue the discussion and help grow your OKR knowledge.

Joel Sadler
Telogical Systems
Solution Designer

If you or your company uses OKRs, you need to talk to Ben. Period! I had an incredibly helpful 1:1 coaching session with him recently that resulted in the best OKRs I’ve ever written.

Seth Mulligan
Operations Manager

  Ben’s guidance, support materials, presentations and willingness to speak directly with our teams contributes hand-in-glove with TCGplayer’s ability to continue to scale up successfully. We are very happy to recommend Ben’s amazing OKR guru work, as he has helped us advance quickly in a short period of time.

Bobby Wilson

Sid’s keen ability to ask the right questions across virtually all business functions helped us quickly define 100s of OKRs. We now have a metrics-driven culture.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Ben has the rare combination of business acumen, passion, and knowledge to ask the right questions, provide unique insights, and guide a team of any size and/or maturity through the learning process.  I would recommend him to any business that wants to empower their teams through a shared vision to ignite growth.

Gagan Arora
Adept Media
Senior Partner

If you are new to OKRs, ensure you speak to Ben. He is fantastic. Very rarely do you come across a subject matter expert who is not imposing his views on how things need to be done. Great bouncing board and some very useful suggestions. Thanks so very much Ben!

Dave Tucker
Vice President, Engineering

Ben has helped us to rethink our approach to OKRs from the ground up. He has a unique ability to take what can be a very theoretical topic and make it very practical and straight forward. He has been a game changer for our organization.

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